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Terms and Conditions

Within these Terms, words of any gender shall be held and construed to include any other gender, and words in the singular number shall be held and construed to include the plural unless the context otherwise requires.
These Terms and any other terms and conditions incorporated herein by reference govern your access to and use of MORPHO NETWORK and Services. You must read the Terms carefully. By accessing, browsing or otherwise using MORPHO NETWORK or Services, or by acknowledging agreement to the Terms, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted all of the Terms and our Privacy Policy (the "Privacy Policy"), which is incorporated by reference into the Terms.
By accessing or using MORPHO NETWORK or Services, as further defined in Section 1, the User accepts and agrees to be bound by and comply with these Terms, including the mandatory arbitration provision envisaged in Section 18. If the User does not agree to these Terms, such User should not access or use MORPHO NETWORK or Services.
The User must be able to form a legally binding contract online on behalf of a company or as an individual, as outlined in Section 2.
MORPHO NETWORK appeals to the User to carefully review the disclosures and disclaimers set forth in Section 14 in their entirety before using any software developed by MORPHO NETWORK. Section 14 provides important details about the legal obligations associated with the User's use of the Fahrenheit open-source software. By accessing or using MORPHO NETWORK or Services, the User agrees that MORPHO NETWORK does not provide execution or clearing services of any kind and is not responsible for executing or clearing transactions automated through the MORPHO NETWORK open-source software.
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